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Designed and printed in Amsterdam

Our atelier is located in Amsterdam. 

All items are designed in-house and printed by a small team of artists. We understand the art of printing which guarantees authentic, high-quality prints that lost for long time. Because our T-shirts are locally produced we can ensure to meet both the social and environmental standards. 

Screenprinting technique

Screen printing is an ancient form of traditional handicraft. In the 1960’s artist Andy Warhol popularised screenprinting as an artistic technique. Nowadays it's a widely used technique. Never heard of the term before? It's likely that you’ve worn or used a screen-printed product at some point without even realising. 

Päälä style

Päälä T-shirts stand out, but also fit in with the rest of your wardrobe. The natural materials, colors, soft fabrics and characterized recognizable prints subtly draw your attention. We are inspired by nature and graphic shapes. Animals, flowers, folklore and art forms are common subjects of our prints. Our collections are not subject to fashion, you can wear Päälä all year around. We make timeless prints. 

Water-based inks

In our atelier, we only print with water-based inks. These are thinner inks, that allow us to print through finer meshes and get high detailed prints. Like our very recognizable Päälä designs with aquarel-look. The waterbased inks cause the soft feeling of the Päälä prints. The printed area's stay soft, almost as if they are woven into the fabric. 

The ink-colors are mixed by hand with eco-friendly pigments. Every season we create some new color recipes and palets to print a new collection with. 

From art to garment

In 2012, it all started with the idea of using a Tee as a canvas. Why only create artworks for your wall?

A Päälä Tee is much more than a T-shirt! It's a little art piece of it's own, made with a lot of fun. 

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